Being Intentional About Happiness

Dang! The last time I updated this blog was on September 21, 2014. How can 13 months and 6 days go by so quickly? Hmm…I know! 1) Have a husband start traveling internationally for work. 2) Find out his “temporary” international job is becoming permanent and that he and I will be moving. 3) Try and hold down the fort at home while husband is working abroad and I prepare for our move. 4) Our oldest son left for Basic Training at the end of the summer. 5) Just today, I was with our youngest son as he signed up to begin classes in January for welding at a technical school. Yep, that will surely make the days fly by in a blur!

When life seems to be a bit stressful or weighing down on me, I need to be intentional about finding something good in the situation, something that I can be grateful about, and it helps me refocus my perspective. For example, in the list of what I mentioned above, here’s what I’ve found in each situation that makes me happy/thankful/grateful: 1) I am so thankful for Skype and FaceTime as they help me and the boys stay connected to my husband/their dad while he’s abroad. 2) Hubby and I get to have an amazing adventure living abroad for awhile. Come visit us! 3) The boys and I have learned to work together well as a team and we all pitch in whenever something needs to be taken care of to get the job done. 4) I am so proud of our oldest son’s strength and determination in wanting to serve our country and he is developing his leadership skills. 5) I’m so excited that our youngest son will be beginning a career that he enjoys, he excels at, and it can take him far in life.

See? Being happy is a choice! Let go of what weighs you down and shift your perspective to something positive. You will find that your attitude and outlook on life will benefit from this small change in your thoughts.

I want to hear from you! Have you already tried something like this in your life? Did you find that it improved your attitude? If you haven’t done this, is it something that you would consider trying?